Laserbeam installation | ArtAgents Galerie| 2002

Exactly One Kilomter of Red Laser beams in the gallery

In a replay of Walter de Maria's broken kilometer in New York City Recke has "drawn" a one kilometer long laser line from one end of the gallery space to the other. Parts of the laser line will only appear if someone accidently cross the line or blow smoke at it, and as such the broken kilometer remains an imaginary size.
The work is an example of Recke's humorous, yet serious twists of the monumental aesthetics of Land Art and minimalism
. Like the artists of these two movements he is interested in increasing the viewer's level of perceptual consciousness, yet he is too humble to embrace their aesthetics in full scale. So instead of making a work that fills the gallery space his laser line lets the viewer fill it and reconsider the distances and dimensions within it. He shifts the focus from the exhibited object to the gallery space as a transformative, physical site.

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