A room with thousand thoughts
Art agents gallery 2002

Installation view from "Fountains of mountains" in Art agents Gallery 2002

A room with thousands thoughts.

I replaced the gallery window at artagents with the window from my bedroom.

-take a look out the window from Recke's own living room where he works that he has inserted into the gallery windows facing the street. The window is more than a biographical documentation, since it is often looking through this window that Recke is inspired to make new work, it offers the viewers an opportunity to reflect upon the moment of creation. Installed at Art Agents Gallery the window frames a piece of reality unfolding on the street outside. Metaphorically speaking the window works as a transparent membrane between the inside and outside and Recke is saying that this is where art (and the art of living) begins, by paying attention to the surrounding world and connecting it with ones inner self.

(text by Jacob Lillemose)

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