Installation | In Collaboration with Christian Heide | Tokio 2000| Hamburg 2002

When you enter the room you put on a headset microphone that records what you say and these recordings are then played back at you with a short delay by four loudspeakers which are placed behind a concave white wall. The pop song-like title with its intended emotional and romantic connotations says it all, the work is Touched by Your Presence. But also the viewer is touched by his or her own presence. It is difficult to recognize your voice when you hear it delayed and distorted in this way, as an echo so to speak, and it is Recke & Heide’s honestly optimistic intention that this subtle alienating effect will make you aware of or re-discover yourself as both a private and public person communicating your thoughts and emotions on globalism, relationships, art or whatever comes to your mind.

Read Itaru Hirano's text: The delayed self


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