Manipulated gallery spaces. Photo © 2000

Every image contain two different galleries found in artbooks and magazines.
The original works in the spaces are retouched away.

Photos of empty gallery spaces. On closer inspection however, these black & white photos turn out to be a composition of two spaces - spaces that to the connoisseur of art are well known as the art-establishment's significance-laden "White Cubes". The photographs thus contain a number of associations to the spectator's own experiences of these spaces.
At the same time they simply and concretely create a new space in which the artist has left a way out - both metaphorically and literally - within the field of vision. The fact that the spaces are empty brings out the question of whether it is the high-holy art- establisment's framing of the experience of an art-piece which defines the profile of the artist or whether on the other hand it is the pieces of art in the exhibiting space which defines the profile of the gallery.

(From the pressrelease by Tine Bundgaard)

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