Cuddeback Dry Bed, Mojave Desert | Video | 2013

A One Mile drawing made by driving.
The dust from the one mile drive became one mile drawing in the air.
With gratitude to Walter de Maria's Mile Long Drawing from Mojava Desert, 1968.

Watch a small verison of the | VIDEO

In 1968 Walter de Maria made his first Earthwork " Mile Long Drawing" in the Mojave Desert. Two one Miles parallel chalk lines drawn up and left desolate back into the landscape.
In addition to the work, which has a natural built-in impermanence, disappeared Walter De Maria's original documentary photography and there are now only a few photographs of the work from that time. Among the photos are the iconic where he is and playing "dead" at the end of his Mile.

The video version here of his "drawing" is made out of one mile drive. When driving across the dry deserts surface, a "dust - cloud - track" from the car appears. This "drawing in the air" disappear after a few minutes.

Walter de Maria's "Mile Long Drawing" has today a great historical significance as it is considered one of the first Land Art projects and the work was a starting point for him in his search for "a sense of infinity”.


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