Socorro, New Mexico, Video 2010

The phrase "I miss Sol LeWitt" is written on the signs and put up in that part of the desert in New Mexico, where the world's first nuclear test took place.
The test, called Trinity, was the only one that was made just before the US army dropped 2 atomic bombs in Japan in August 1945.

New Mexico is also the desert where many Land Art artists romp through the ages, and several of the largest and most prestigious projects located in the countryside is geographically and geologically closely related to Socorro.

The melancholy testimony may in some ways be read as a desperate Hommage to LeWitt, which addresses his ab- sence as a person and presence as an idea. But also more generally as an Hommage to the art as an idea and a tool to reflect on the world.
Spectators will hopefully have a new "experience" as Sol LeWitt himself points out in his third sentence in "Notes on conceptual art."


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