Photos & Tires| 2009


Together the three tires in the photographs are the three dots over the i'es in the sentence "I miss Sol LeWitt." LeWitt, who died in 2007, is considered the father of Conceptual Art that in the 1960s revolutionized with works of art that was not primarily visual beauty, but were intellectually stimulating. Works where the idea came before the image. Conceptual Art is a continuous inspiration in the works of Nikolaj Recke, and the sentence can be read as an Hommage to LeWitt, which addresses his absence as a person and his presence as an idea. But also more generally as an Hommage to the art as an idea and a tool with which to reflect upon the world.

It is not just any landscape in which the tires are located. It is the American South West, where not only the Wild West mythology has its origin, but which is also home to Land Art, who also in the 1960s revolutionized by breaking with the convention that the artwork necessarily had to belong in the white space of art galleries. Land Art broke out of the gallery and explored the whole world, not just as its exhibition space, but also as its material. In this context, the tires are to be seen as a reference to the fact that access to most Land Art works can only be done by car because they are located in remote and distant parts of the landscape.

With simple means and finesse, these three photographs are a study of how to relate to (art) history and landscape through art by making a mark, in Reckes case, in the shape of tires.


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